Legume / Peulgewas
Macrotyloma axillare cv. Java


Legume / Peulgewas

Macrotyloma axillare cv. Java

Java is a perennial twining and creeping forage legume that produces seed all year round. It presents high persistence under grazing. Java is used for intercropping between other perennial forage species such as Panicum spp., Brachiaria spp., Setaria spp. etc. It has nitrogen fixation capabilities and fixes up to 150 kg/N/Ha/year.

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Product Details

Scientific name:Macrotyloma axillare cv. Java
Soil fertility:Low – Medium
Growth habit:Creeping and Climbing
Utilisation:Intercropped with pasture
Rainfall requirements:> 680 mm/year
Nitrogen fixation:150 kg/ha/year
Drought tolerance:Good
Cold tolerance:Medium – Low
Crude protein content:18 – 23%
Sowing depth:10 – 20 mm
Vegetative cycle:Perennial
Forage production:5 – 9 ton DM/ha/year
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