Wit buffel / wit buffel gras


White Buffalo Grass / Witbuffel Gras
Panicum maximum cv. Miyagui


White Buffalo Grass / Witbuffel Gras / Wit Buffel

Panicum maximum cv. Miyagui

Miyagui is a perennial forage grass with a high palatability and digestibility. It has wide dark green leaves, a high forage production and good nutritional quality. Miyagui is suitable for a wide variety of grazing animals including cattle, sheep, goats, horses and game.

Product Details

Scientific name:Panicum maximum cv. Miyagui
Common name:White buffalo grass
Vegetative cycle:Perennial
Soil fertility:Medium – High
Growth habit:Decumbent tussocks
Height:2.5 m
Utilisation:Direct grazing, Hay-making & Silage
Type of animal:Cattle, Sheep, Horses, Goats, Game
Rainfall requirements:> 500 mm/year
Drought tolerance:Medium
Cold tolerance:Medium
Crude protein content:12 – 14%
Plant date:October – February
Planting equipment:Hand, Fine seed sower, Fert. spreader
Sowing depth:10 – 15 mm
Seeds per hectare:6 kg/Ha
Growth point above soil:20 – 30cm 
Forage production:25 – 30 ton DM/ha/year
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