Love Grass


Eragrostis curvula spp.
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Eragrostis curvula spp.

Love Grass is a summer perennial forage grass with a low digestibility and palatability. It is well adapted to a wide range of climactic conditions and soil types. There are several registered cultivars, the most common of which are the Ermelo and PUK 436 cultivars. The nutritive value of Love Grass declines rapidly after flowering. Love Grass competes strongly with other pasture species and should be managed carefully.

Forage Pasture Seeds / Forage Seeds / Pasture Seeds / Forage grass

Product Details

Scientific name:Eragrostis curvula spp.
Common name:Love Grass / Weeping Love Grass / Oulandsgras
Vegetative cycle:Perennial
Soil fertility:Low – Medium (well drained, sandy to loamy)
Growth habit:Tufted
Height:1 – 1.2 m
Utilisation:Direct grazing, Hay-making & Silage
Type of animal:Cattle, Sheep, Horses, Goats, Game
Rainfall requirements:> 500 mm/year
Drought tolerance:Medium
Cold tolerance:High
Crude protein content: 5 Р10%
Plant date:October – February
Planting equipment:Hand, Fine seed sower, Fert. spreader
Sowing depth:10 – 15 mm
Seeds per hectare:8 – 10 kg/Ha
Forage production:6 – 15 ton DM/ha/year
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