Eragrostis tef
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Eragrostis tef

Eragrostis Teff is a tufted tetraploid annual cereal grass. It is highly adaptable and drought resistant. It has a good tolerance to salinity and can be used for erosion control. SA Brown is the most common Teff variety in South Africa. The quick establishment and fast growth of Teff puts pressure on the manifestation of weeds. Teff is often used as a nurse crop to protect the soil and provide fodder while perennial grass establish.  

Forage Pasture Seeds / Forage Seeds / Pasture Seeds / Forage grass

Product Details

Scientific name:Eragrostis tef spp.
Common name:Teff / Tef
Vegetative cycle:Annual
Soil fertility:Medium (well drained)
Growth habit:Tufted
Height:up to 1m
Utilisation:Direct grazing, Hay-making & Silage
Type of animal:Cattle, Sheep, Horses, Goats, Game
Rainfall requirements:> 400 mm/year
Drought tolerance:High
Cold tolerance:Low to Medium
Crude protein content:6 – 11%
Plant date:October – February
Planting equipment:Hand, Fine seed sower, Fert. spreader
Sowing depth:10 – 15 mm
Seeds per hectare:15 – 20 kg/Ha
Forage production:4 – 8 ton DM/ha/year
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